We get a lot of information from new investors as to where to get BTC how to invest BTC what do in the marketplace…etc.

Today i will discuss Genesis Mining.  This is a VERY volatile topic in crypto currency so all we can do is really share the information presented to us and offer the recommendation.

We have been working with Genesis mining for well over 3 months and many other people much longer.  The key here is to USE referral codes ALL THE TIME.

I nkow that sounds daunting..but its really not.  Get a group of friend together to invest and exchange promo codes. use promo codes you find on the web, or BEST of all USE OUR PROMO CODE!   XZITbr (currently 3% discount)   We regularly invest in Genesis and if we see your code we are likely to reciprocate. (or hit us up and let us know and maybe we can do it even faster 😉

What we have found over our time is Genesis pays on time EVERYTIME so far as evidenced by the chart below.

Now….its best to understand that you will have to begin with at LEAST 2 Th/s to begin building anything substantial and allow for it to continue to grow.

These are lifetime mining contracts so as long as it is profitable and the company remains intact it will be smooth sailing.

Soon we will launch a ranking system for investments and i am sure GENESIS MINING will be near the TOP.

We will continue to update all of these as our experience working with each company evolves.




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